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January 16

Potters House story in the Livingston Ledger

Here is the article: If you were driving down the Cut Off Road or through Ledbetter on Saturday around lunch time, you may have witnessed something odd or out of the ordinary. People were standing by the road near two of the area’s most popular gas stations holding up signs that read, “FREE GAS.” Some […]

Playmaker Testimony Video Brugger Family

Check out this great story.  If you have ever wondered about the effectiveness of your church’s outreach ministry, you need to hear this story.  Its very refreshing.

What Makes a Great Story?

What’s the secret to a great story? Teachers and mentors at writing conferences I’ve attended have told me it’s having a lead character who desires something with every fiber of their being, but cannot have it. This story line works great in fiction but this past week I witnessed it in real life. My wife is passionate about animals–dogs in particular. Honestly, I think we have more […]

Remember Your Lions

Do you remember the last time God came up big for you? Remember when things looked bleak, but couldn’t have turned out better? Or maybe things turned out horrible, but you still grew through the pain, emerging stronger for having gone through the experience.  These events are our lions. In Judges 14, we find Samson […]

What’s your story?

Do you have a conversion story? Here is what I mean… If you are a Christ follower, then you have a valuable story. There is a ‘gospel’ about your life. And some people overlook those valuable stories. Maybe your story involves great sin and therefore great forgiveness and renewal. Maybe you learned Jesus wrongly, and […]

New Pictures of the Boys New Bedrooms…

We recreated both boys bedrooms for Christmas this year. And we decided to give them their ‘gifts’ early so that the Christmas day could be more focused on Christ. It’s been an extremely good holiday so far. We’ve been part of an Advent Conspiracy!

Remember: Tell Your Story!

Have you ever wondered how to make a difference? I mean, you want to make a difference in someone else’s life, but you feel powerless. Well you are not powerless. You have something, a tool, a weapon, a genuine miracle working solution… your story. Great quote I heard today… “I don’t think I’ve ever heard […]