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Making Changes As A New Leader

As many of you know, I began a new leadership position a week or so ago as the Lead Pastor of the Potters House Church in Smithland, Kentucky. It has been an exciting challenge and I am looking forward to years of ministry here. God has blessed me through it and I hope to be […]

Lessons I’ve learned from Tball #1

1. Winning isnt everything… but it really is something! We technically don’t publicly keep score in TBall. I mean, we keep track of the 5 runs per inning guideline and the 3 outs per inning rule. But at the end of the game… there is no winner and loser. And that is a very good […]

Does obedience guarantee success in life?

We like guarantees. We pay extra money for extended product guarantees. We have life insurance, health insurance, car insurance. We measure risk before we make choices. We like to know that we are going to be safe, secure and hopefully… successful in our endeavors. Oddly enough, that’s not really the way that many or even […]

Lifeline Celebration

It has been my pleasure to teach this group of men at Lifeline Ministries over the last 3 months. They are a growing group of men. They are developing in their faith. Their are taking God seriously. And Im proud of them. This week they finalize phase 1 and mic into the second phase of […]

Plan B: Have you ever had to move through disappointment to find success?

I have found myself starting over more times than I care to mention in life. As I sit here in Boston with 20 church planting teams and hear them talk about vision… I find myself pondering how many times I’ve gone back to the drawing board to find success in ministry. In fact, a willingness […]

Big Success

Today has been such a great success. I was given the responsibility of running the tech side of a church planters luncheon/conference where we were uploading video from two locations, assisting 4 different speakers, and then having 3-6 different viewers all over the country. I have also handled the chat stream for questions and interaction. […]