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HopTown 5F Foundations of Life

I have SO enjoyed being your professor. Things happened in this class that I will not soon forget. I have been extremely blessed. Thank you all very much. Please give me some of your best memories to keep on this blog…

Paducah 19F Foundations Class

I love teaching. And I hope I’m growing as a professor. Each week my students teach me more. They mold and fashion me into a better instructor. I really believe they are used by God to grow me. For this I am very thankful. Right now I have two classes going on…. one in Hopkinsville […]

Hopkinsville 5F Foundational Issues Class

Hey class, Tonight was great. And I’m very proud of you all. So what was your favorite, or the most meaningful part of tonight. I want to know a few things you learned and some ways you feel shaped by the experience. I look forward to reading your thoughts.

Congrats Mayfield 16F

Well class, you made it through Foundations of Life. And you impressed me in the process. Thank you for all the hard work and commitment. I’m proud of you.

I found one!

I have a collection of newspapers from the Paducah Sun & the Lexington Herald that we’re printed after each of UK’s national championship wins. But yesterday, I just forgot to pick one up. But I found one. The Paducah Sun still has a few copies of yesterday’s paper for sale. So I grabbed a few […]

Paducah 18F Cohort is FINISHED!

So hey students… Your studies are complete. You have finished the race. Your grades are tallied. Your projects have been presented. I only have one question that I hope each of you will answer for me… What did you learn?

Paducah 18F Class Project Discussion

So now you all have your project assignments. Some will be experimenting with and researching fasting, Bible study, simplicity, meditation, celebration or some other discipline of Christianity. I’m interested in your first impressions of your topic. What scares you? What excites you? Ultimately, how do you dfeel about your projected topic? I look forward to […]